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Ahmed Zaazaa


Ahmed Zaazaa is an architect, urban designer and researcher, with focus on informal practices in the city and territorial claims in public space and housing.

Lately, Zaazaa co-founded “10 Tooba | Applied Research on the Built Environment L.L.C” where he is the participatory urban upgrade coordinator. 10 Tooba is an interdisciplinary group of built environment professionals, with similar roots in architecture, planning and engineering, and developed expertise in anthropology, participatory planning, legislation and policy while working closely with communities in Egypt.  The company aims for Socially Just and Sustainable Communities in Egypt and the region.

10 Tooba works on applied research, where a continuous loop of lessons learned from the ground inform our analysis, and our research informs our applications.

The company produces knowledge on the built environment in Egypt with a focus on issues such as housing, urban upgrading, urban history, public space, services and transport. Common threads that cut through the main topics are social justice, sustainability, informality, climate change, urban design & management practices and appropriate technology.

Zaazaa is the also co-founder of “Madd Platform” that communicates with the public through local initiatives that pull threads of ideas, proposals and willing expertise that all share the same participatory principles and form a pool for the implementation of actions on the ground. Madd Platform was responsible for several participatory projects in urban and rural areas. As one of the most important projects that Madd platform worked on, was upgrading Maspero area.

On the academic level, Zaazaa’s contributed and helped in several publication. He also had 9 years experience in teaching architecture and urban design in several universities (American University in Cairo – Arab Academy for Science and Technology – Modern Sciences and Arts University).