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Guidelines for Contributors

All manuscript submissions to ARCPLAN should be sent as a PDF attachment to the following email address: [email protected]

Open Access

ARCPLAN is published on In-planning: Aesop digital platform, as a no-fee open access e-journal. There is no fee for authors to publish with ARCPLAN, as well as no fee to access, read and download all content included.


By submission of a manuscript, the contributor declares that this is their original work, has not been previously published (for example, as a conference paper in published conference proceedings), and has not been submitted to another publisher.

The contributor is responsible for providing all written copyright permissions as necessary. The manuscript cannot be published without these permissions.

All credit to copyright owners should be acknowledged and permissions cover:

  • Quotations larger than 400 words
  • Use of photographs, figures and other illustrations
  • Reproduction of any materials from galleries, photographic libraries, institutions, etc.
  • Use and reproduction of music
  • The original source of any adapted material: source, author, date and publisher

Review Process

ARCPLAN is a bilingual, peer-reviewed journal. To ensure the quality of our publication, a submission is sent to two or more referees with both regional and international backgrounds. The first submission should include the main manuscript in the author’s preferred language, and an extended summary in the second language. This review process takes up to three months and the manuscript may need further revisions before acceptance. These revisions should be returned as soon as possible – usually up to 3 – 5 months is acceptable.

At this stage, the author should provide two manuscripts, in Arabic and English. If these revisions are returned later than three months, the manuscript is considered to be a new submission and subject to a new review process. The editors maintain the right to accept/ subject to revisions/ reject a submission, based on the refereeing process.

Manuscript Submission

All manuscript submissions to ARCPLAN should be sent as an attachment to the following email address: [email protected]

One main manuscript should be submitted in the author’s preferred language, and an extended summary in the second language. The manuscript should be double-spaced; font: Times New Roman; size: 12 points; pages should be numbered consecutively. Both manuscripts should be proof edited before submission.

Following the review process, the author should provide two separate manuscripts, one in English and one in Arabic.

All submissions, both Arabic and English manuscripts, should follow ARCPLAN guidelines and house style – see below.

Cover Letter

Please attach a cover letter on a separate page that includes:

  • The title of the article
  • The name of the all authors and affiliations
  • The phone, email, and postal address of all authors
  • A short bio of all authors (approx. 250 words)
  • Acknowledgment of any source of funding, copyright, etc.
  • Up to 6 Keywords

Articles and Essays

  • Arabic abstract: 150-200 words
  • English abstract: 150-200 words
  • Article manuscript in English: 4000-6000 words
  • Essay manuscript in English: 3000-4000 words

A submission should include:

  • A cover letter: title, contributor name(s), affiliations, short bio(s), contact(s), abstracts and 6 keywords
  • Main manuscript in preferred language: main text, references and appendices
  • Extended summary in second language
  • List of figures and captions: labelled, consecutively numbered with clear location in main text
  • List of tables and captions: labelled, consecutively numbered with clear location in main text
  • All illustrations clearly labelled (JPG, or PDF)
  • Final submission should include two main manuscripts, Arabic and English.

Book and PhD Reviews

Review manuscript: 1000-1200 words

A submission should include:

  • A cover letter: title, contributor name(s), affiliations, short bio(s), contact(s), abstracts and 6 keywords
  • A header: title of book/ PhD; author/ editor/ translator; place of publication; publisher/ university; publication year; no. of pages; ISBN; price: hardcover/ paperback/ e-book
  • Arabic manuscript
  • English manuscript
  • Book/ PhD cover photo: colour; 300dpi; 210*297 mm
  • A scan of the quotations included in the review – the entire page, page number included

Arcplan House Style


This is a bi-lingual journal; manuscripts should be submitted in both Arabic (standard) and English (UK or US spelling). Use a clear readable language; avoid, the use of colloquialisms, special dialectics as well as any jargon. Technical terms and abbreviations should be defined when first used. Also, use plurals pronouns, they or their instead of s/he or he/she.

Figures and Tables

All tables and figures should be numbered consecutively and submitted separately from the manuscript on a separate page. Provide a list of tables and a list of figures. All tables and figures should have a short descriptive caption, and the location clearly indicated in the manuscript.

All photographs, line diagrams and illustrations should be referred to as figures. They should be sent in JPG or PDF format, A4 size; 300 dpi for figures, and 1200 for line art.

In-text Citations:

  • Single author(s): (Abdallah, 2015, p. xx), (Abdallah, 2015; Hassan, 2010) or Abdallah (2015, p. xx)
  • Two authors: (Abdallah and Amin, 2015) or Abdallah and Amin (2015)
  • Three or more authors: (first author surname et al.), (Abdallah et al. 2015) or Abdallah et al. (2015)


References should be listed in alphabetic order. You should not refer to bibliographical references that are not cited in your manuscript.

Journal Article
Abaza, M. 2001. Shopping Malls, Consumer Culture and the Reshaping of Public Space in Egypt. Theory, Culture and Society, 18, pp. 97-122.

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Book Chapter
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Conference paper
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Unpublished Thesis
Salheen, M. 2001, ‘A Comprehensive Analysis of Pedestrian Environments: The Case of Cairo City Center’, PhD thesis, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh College of Art.

Aga Khan Trust for Culture. 2005. The Azhar Park Project in Cairo and the Conservation and Revitalization of Darb al-Ahmar, Project Brief, Geneva: Aga Khan Trust for Culture. Available at: [Accessed: 25 January 2016].

Newspaper Article
Salama, V. 2004. ‘Rooftop Escape’, Al-Ahram Weekly, 09 September 2004. Available at [Accessed: 25 January 2016]

Pickens S. 2015. Inauguration of the Ayyubid Wall and Tarabay al-Sherif Complex Projects in Cairo [Online]. Available at: [Accessed 02 February 2016]