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Arcplan: Arabic cities planning’, is a pioneer peer-reviewed, open-access journal that engages debates and discussions on urban design and planning in the Arab world.

The journal envisions the ‘Arab World’ as an inclusive spatial narrative between the boundaries of local and global. Situated between two continents Africa and Asia, and Europe’s southern borders, the Arab world is involved with multi-cultural regionalism that extends to the Middle-East, North-Africa, Levant, Mediterranean, and the Gulf. Additionally, the Arab World encounters major geographical exoduses and re-settlements between the three continents.

Arcplan’ focuses on the design and planning in the ‘Arabic City’. The journal encourages discussions on emergent practices and theories within the Arab world wider context, and aims to make these debates available to both the national and international planning audience.

Arcplan aims to present a core publication for scholars and practitioners particularly interested in spatial development processes in theory, practice and methodology, in relation to arts, anthropology, sociology, economics, geography, politics, environmental studies and technology, and their manifestation in the urban-scape: open and public space, infrastructure, housing, urban regeneration, waterfront development, among others.

Arcplan invites authors interested in the exploration of urban design and planning in the Arab world to submit original works that include both empirical and theoretical research, although cross-boundary regional research is simultaneously appreciated. Arcplan also encourages ‘controversial’ discussions that raises lead threads on contemporary development challenges. It is simultaneously important to develop an inclusive contribution to address the broader perspective of the ‘Arab world’ in the journal.

All submitted articles are subject to rigorous blind peer-review process by two external referees as well as editorial revisions.

Arcplan is published by In-planning, international online platform for high standard publications on spatial planning, in cooperation with ‘Khotout’ Association for Design Studies and Planning

All manuscript submissions to Arcplan should be sent as an attachment to the following email address: [email protected]

Each Volume Should Include

1-2 Essays

3-4 Peer-Reviewed Articles

1-2 Book Reviews