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‘Khotout’ is a non-profit association, registered with the Egyptian Ministry of Social solidarity. The association is concerned with the creation of innovative lines of thoughts [Khotout] in architecture and urbanism. Khotout is an integrative to study and research the city design and planning, which involves theory, practice, different methodologies, and general knowledge in architecture, urban design, planning, landscape, arts, geography and sociology.


the lines (manuscripts) within the city and urban space archived in text, or manifested through the cityscape: walls, streets, people, communities and practices, as well as their reflection on economy, society, and culture.


innovative research ideas and methods that aims to contribute to and enrich the debates in architecture and urbanism through conferences, workshops, and symposiums.


with researchers, academics, practitioners, and everyone interested in design and planning in an interactive platform, and through research and publications.

Board of Trustee

Khotout Association for Design Studies and Planning

Mona A. Abdelwahab

Founder and Treasurer

Shaimaa M. Refaat

Vice President

Mai M. Abuldahab

General Secretary

Ahmed Zaazaa